Social Enterprise Quarterly Workshops


The Charity Link Social Enterprise workshops provide a unique opportunity to share experience on a regular basis and learn techniques to keep your organisation on track for success.


In addition you get the support of Sarah Brown who has over 15 years experience in developing social enterprises. Sarah has specialised in developing business skills with social enterprises and charities and has also worked extensively with the public sector to help them move to contracting more effectively with social enterprises. She has been particularly frustrated when she has seen enterprises that have failed to act on the business plans and feasibility studies that have been developed at their launch.


Regular practical support would help to prevent these issues developing and this is why Charity Link has launched these workshops. One of Sarah’s unique abilities is to translate issues and values into practical examples so that they are easier to understand and solutions can be found. She is sensitive to the social aims of the enterprises and good at seeing opportunities and inspiring people to fulfil their potential so that they will leave the workshop both positive about the future and with some practical things to do


What you will get

In one eight-hour day per quarter, you will:

§       do exercises that force you to think differently and more strategically about your social enterprise

§       create a plan of action

§       share insights and best practice with peers from other social enterprises

§       review your progress and plan for the next quarter

§       focus entirely on improving your organisation, away from the demands of the office

Each workshop is held for a full day each quarter. Each session would have some activities that happen every time and then some new elements.


Each workshop is supported by handouts and simple paperwork to help you implement the techniques. Individual coaching between sessions is available by arrangement.


Some of the techniques

§       The achievement trackerã - A positive focus on what has been achieved since the last session and what can be learnt from it to achieve more success in the future

§       The Here and Now Diagnostic© - A snapshot picture of the current situation using proven techniques and the experience of Charity Link and those in the room

§       The Income and Values Balancer© - Measuring success both in terms of the impact in achieving the mission and values and financially in terms of income and the building of resources

§       The Danger Discovery Processã - Working together to identify and eliminate factors that will impede the progress of the social enterprise

§       The Way Forward Builderã- Effective development of a strategy for success

§       The Practical Action Approachã- A ‘to do’ list that really takes your business forward with agreed actions, appropriate timescales and feedback

§       The Finance Navigatorã- Reviewing both cost and revenue issues to ensure a healthy financial future for the business

§       The Right Track Gameplanã- Together we track positive progress against targets, as we know perfection is not possible

§       The Priorities MatrixÓ - Developing parameters to prioritise the best opportunities to ensure the organisations are focused and have an achievable strategy

§       The Impact Builder© - Bringing to life what makes the social enterprises special to supercharge their marketing


The dangers the workshops address

The dangers that social enterprises face include:

§         Ensuring the investment already made since launch is capitalised on

§         Fulfilling the potential identified in your feasibility study and sticking to your business plan while responding to changing circumstances as needed

§         Balancing enterprise and achieving financial return with social outcomes

§         Failing to explain effectively the social impact


The opportunities the workshops will help you seize

Social enterprises should be thriving as there are several promising and strategic areas of opportunity:

§         The increasing desire/emphasis of the public sector in using social enterprises and charities to provide public services and their pro-active attempts to ensure they tender

§         The rising awareness of the sector in the media and government

§         The growing consumer demand for more ethical goods and increasing interest in fair trade

How to book

Email to get a booking form and workshop dates and locations.


For an introductory period the annual fee is £987.00 plus VAT for all workshops and materials. 

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